emphasis or emphasis (e.g., italics)
strong emphasis or strong emphasis (e.g., boldface)

Some text with some code inside,


  • An item in a bulleted (unordered) list
    ** A subitem, indented with 4 spaces
  • Another item in a bulleted list


First-level heading

2nd-level heading

3rd-level heading

Fourth-level heading


This is a paragraph. It has two sentences.

This is another paragraph. It also has
two sentences.

Horz Lines Any will produce horiz line

- - -


Grouping First Header Second Third

:-----------: | -----------: | Content | Long Cell || Content | Cell | Cell |

New section | More | Data | And more | And |more | [Prototype table]

##HTML Code Snippets

Add Red Caution


Another Add Color

Example: (replace left star brackets with the correct left html bracket....)


Another http://www.quackit.com/html/codes/html_text_color_code.cfm

Normal text color 

different text color 

different text color normal text color different background color Normal text color http://code.squarespace.com/htmlg

Border Color

HTML Colors w/ Border

<span data-preserve-html-node="true" style="color:red> HTML Colors